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Christmas party games for adults

Is your Christmas party missing the ‘fun’ element? It may be time to release the games that have been swept to the back of the closet since the kids moved out of the house, or even invest in the latest games out there. After all, games aren’t just for kids!

Party games are a great way to get the guys in the office together, work together as a team, or compete individually. As the entertainment industry expands, many game makers have created games exclusively for the adult audience or everyone (adults, teens, and children). You don’t even have to limit yourself to traditional games, such as poker or board games, as we now have the fun and active Sony Wii and other interactive game consoles.

If your coworkers are a bunch of rockers at heart, why not rent the latest Rock Band game. Let Accountancy Jim be Jimi Hendrix for one night, the staff team transforms into the Beastie Boys, and the office workers sing their hearts out to the sound of the  Beatles. Band games get your staff to socialize, release some of their inhibitions, enjoy each other’s company and have fun too! All this is vital to enjoying your Christmas party and the smooth running of the office.

If your staff wants something a little more laid back, try the Wii. Your colleagues can compete against each other in football, bowling, and tennis matches. However, the Wii is probably not best used as the main game, as only two to four people can play at a time, rather as an alternative for those who want a more casual game.

If you’re not in the mood for interactive games, why not try some traditional games with a festive twist? Classic board games can create a fun yet positive atmosphere and a childish sense of excitement – making you feel like a kid again! Why not try a quiz? A festive quiz about Christmas tunes, knowledge, or films can lighten the atmosphere and improve team communication and collaboration in the workplace. Besides, how about a Christmas piñata? Or a game of pin the tail on the reindeer? Whatever game your coworkers loved as a kid, there’s bound to be an adult or celebratory version out there.

If you don’t want to leave the party games, food, venue, and entertainment all to yourself, consider hiring professional party organizers to host your Christmas parties.