Adult Entertainment

Jazz cruises are the new easy-cool for adults

Cruising and Grooving

Cruises used to be seen as ideal vacations for the elderly, then they became family fun, with plenty of activities for children, onboard and ashore. Enter the Baby Boomer specialized adult cruises, jazz cruises. Jazz cruises, designed for music lovers, last four or five to seven days and usually make stops in Florida and the Caribbean.

For example, the 2012 Smooth Jazz Cruise hosts sax greats David Sanborn, which includes Marcus Miller and Kim Waters. A special guest is Smokey Robinson. Dozens of jazz legends and Grammy award winners are part of the entertainment package on jazz cruises.

Music-based cruises, especially jazz, are aimed at the traveler who enjoys music and wants the relaxation of a cruise with other like-minded souls and a mature adult atmosphere, a real escape from everyday life. The benefits of a relaxing cruise and port visits coupled with great music make for a perfect getaway.

Other cruise lines run themed music cruises, not just jazz, and target middle-aged adults. These include classic and ironing quarters, “malt-shop” memories (think The Beach Boys and bands from the 60s), and even new age. Music is the catalyst and the bonus of a beautiful holiday.

The market leader is Jazz Cruises. This tour company arranges some of the best jazz musicians in the world to host guests on the luxurious Holland America M/S Westerdam. Cruises sail over the New Year, often with lavish parties and through the winter months. These have become so popular that they sell out very quickly. Prices vary, of course, depending on the type of cabin and the number of people.